About Us

We are reformed in doctrine and practice. We view all things through the lens of the sovereignty of God believing that God has called us to worship. The purpose of the church is the exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ and His Word are our focus and we believe in the sufficiency and the supremacy of Scripture along with growing up into Christ-likeness as the goal of every believer. We are not seeker sensitive nor do we engage in entertainment as a part of our worship. Rather, we believe the Scriptures tell us clearly how God is to be worshipped and it is the obligation of every believer to worship God accordingly.

The Bible prescribes for us, not only the proper attitude of worship, but also the basic elements of worship, which are the reading and preaching of Scripture, prayer and praise, the observance of the ordinances (baptism and the Lord's Supper), and giving of our tithes and offerings to the Lord. We believe in the primacy of preaching because it is through the reading, exposition and application of the Bible that God saves sinners and sanctifies His people.


“There are two ways to commit idolatry. You can worship something other than the one true God, that's way one. There is another way as well. You can worship the one true God by some other means than those that He has appointed.”

Ligon Duncan