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What To Expect

We are a Reformed Baptist Church. What this means is that we view all of life and doctrine through the lens of Scripture and through the lens of who God is. This in turn effects our view of worship, we teach that God does indeed give us in the pages of Scripture the answers as to how He is to be worshiped.



Our mission is to be a church that is centered on the Word of God and that seeks to worship God in spirit and in truth. To that end we pursue the Reformation distinctive of Semper Reformanda, "always reforming."


Our liturgy

(Order of service)
Our liturgy is antiphonal in nature. God gives and we respond. We practice the reading of the Word, prayer, the ordinances and singing. The preaching of the Word is central in the pulpit ministry.

The Regulative Principle of Worship

The Bible tells us, in the New Testament, how we are to worship God. It gives us the elements of worship. In essence this principle teaches that God regulates and commands His own worship.


Children are a gift from God Psalm 127:3-5. As such we are to teach them the Word of God. Deut 11:19.

We believe that we are to include children in the worship service and are not to exclude them from it so that they may hear God's Word as it is read and preached each Lord's Day.



The song portion of our service is in congregational singing. God's people are to worship Him in the singing of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual songs. We sing to God so we don't have solos, special music or modern music just for the sake of modern music. We believe that the singing is to God and not to man.

In essence, we sing to the glory of God.

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