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What Is The Reformed Baptist Church

BY: Jim Savasteio

      Some years ago, a number of churches began to emerge, calling themselves, “Reformed
Baptists.” Since then, the elders and members of these churches have been asked time and
again such questions as, “What is a Reformed Baptist?” and “What are you trying to
reform?” Many find it difficult to answer such questions in a concise and effective manner.
Some simply say, “We are what Baptists used to be!” While this statement is certainly
true, for most modern people, believers and unbelievers alike, it explains very little. It is,
therefore, with the goal of helping both tongue-tied Reformed Baptists and their sincere
questioners that this booklet has been written. In it, I propose to answer the question,
“What is a Reformed Baptist church?” in a way that is both brief and substantial. In
seeking to answer the question, three things will be discussed: First of all, I will address
the difficulty of the question; secondly, a definition of the terms will be given; and finally,
the key distinctives of Reformed Baptist churches will be articulated. .... 


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